So, a little girl asks her dad, "can I be a journalist?"

He says "sure, you can study it in college."

"No, can I be one, now?"


Three Questions with Ava Rosa is a father/daughter/sister/community collaboration.  It is a project that came out of our desire to learn and contribute to our community.

Our goal is to have fun, tell good stories,

and do the very best journalism we can... TODAY!!


Ava ROsa



Producer/Kid Sister




What we do.

We are pretty open to suggestions and opportunities as they come up, but here is some background.


Now in our second season, we have produced over 20 episodes highlighting various individuals and organizations through our Three Questions format.




Ava Rosa pays attention to what's going on in our community and we pro actively contact people to interview.  The idea is to meet and share the perspective of interesting people doing interesting things in our community.  Our interviews are typically 3 questions, that Ava Rosa researches and prepares in advance.  This format allows people to answer without time constraint or editing and we always give our subjects the opportunity to give a statement of their choosing at the end of the episode.




Part of Ava Rosa's desire to be a journalist is her love of the news.  She wants to be a part of understanding and helping others understand the world around us.  She saw kids on TV and online reporting news, but it seemed like the questions were not the ones she would have asked.  She prides herself on asking tough, but fair questions.  There are only three, after all, so they better be good!



Cool gizmos, gadgets, and other new things we haven't even thought of yet.  We love innovation, so whatever opportunity there is to cover the news in interesting ways, we go for it.  We have used GoPro's and 360 degree VR in some of our videos and we will continue to do our best to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology.



As a family, we are enjoying our lives and going to events as part of it.  When we think it's interesting, we like to highlight events in the community and report from them.  On a few occasions, Ava Rosa has been an emcee, a spokesperson, an award recipient, and has even done interviews live.  We like to get out and see things in person, so maybe we'll see you around!


Mailing Address:

325 Campbell Ave SW,

Roanoke, VA 24016,


p. 540-491-4950




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